Boxshot VR is deprecated

Boxshot VR is deprecated and we don’t sell new licenses or renew the old ones. Please read below to get answers to the possible questions.

What about support?

Boxshot VR license comes with a year of free updates and support. Both will be offered to the customers purchased or renewed their licenses in 2019.

The support will be provided till the end of 2020.

The software can be downloaded here by using a valid license key.


Boxshot VR was a good solution for its time, but the modern web is mostly about real 3D. Consider using Koru to provide a full 3D experience to your visitors.

If you are sure you need to animate turntable images, google for “turntable javascript plugin” or something similar. You will find a couple of plugins that do the job more or less well.


You can always contact us directly, if you like.