Rotation Preview In Boxshot VR

On the second page you can preview the rotating object as it will be displayed on a web page. Use the mouse to test rotation and adjust settings if necessary. There are some checkboxes at the left that may help if the rotation goes wrong. When you drag the mouse Boxshot VR decides which frame to show next and when it comes to the last frame in the row, it has to do something about it. And it checks the “wrap” checkbox. If it is checked, Boxshot VR continues with the very first frame from the other side of the row. If it is not checked, Boxshot VR simply stays on that last frame. The “flip” checkbox allows you to change the rotation direction.

By default Boxshot VR is configured to match the output settings of Boxshot Ultimate, but you may change the defaults easily. Boxshot VR assumes that your sequence is full turn-around, so it wraps it horizontally.

Starting Frame

You may choose which frame to show first, when the page is loaded. To do so, simply rotate to that frame and click the “Set” button in the “Start frame” section. You may switch to it easily by clicking the “Show” button.