Camera Settings Panel

This panel controls the Owlet camera:

Camera settings panel in Owlet

Here is the list of properties you can change:

  • Projection - defines the type of the camera, in most cases you will need the perspective one;
  • Target - sets the point that the camera looks on. You can also change this using gizmo;
  • Distance - controls how far is the camera from its center point. You can change this with your mouse wheel;
  • Yaw, Pitch - the angles of rotation of the camera around its center, you can change this with your mouse by dragging the preview;
  • Roll - the third angle of the camera that you hardly need often;
  • Field of view - how wide is the camera viewport in degrees;
  • Aspect - controls the width to height ratio of the camera. For 4:3 enter 1.333, for 16:10 enter 1.6 and so on;
  • Z Near and Z Far - define both near and far clipping planes of the camera. Owlet will not render before Z Near and after Z Far;
  • Gamma - allows you to control the gamma level of the camera.

There is also an optional Depth of field section:

  • f-Stop - controls the aperture size;
  • Focus distance - the distance to the point of the scene that is rendered sharp;
  • Diaphragm blades - controls the number of blades in the diaphragm, nice for bokeh effect;
  • Bokeh rotation - lets you rotate the diaphram and so, bokeh.

You can focus the camera by right-clicking the scene while holding Alt button (Opt on Mac computers).