Job Manager

You don’t have to wait while the scene is rendered. All you need is to check “render this job later” in rendering settings window and the scene will be added to the “render later” list that is managed by job manager. You can open it using Tools->Queued Jobs menu item, or by clicking its button on the toolbar. Here’s what job manager window looks like:

Job Manager Main Window in Owlet

The top list has all the queued jobs, the buttons at the top let you render them all or just the selected ones or stop the current rendering. The panel at the bottom shows logs of currently selected jobs or all the logs if nothing is selected. There is a timer panel at the middle that displays total rendering progress and rendering time estimations.

Owlet automatically updates job list when new jobs are added or removed, but you can always right click the list and refresh it manually using the menu. You can also delete jobs and open their folder there.

Owlet Job Manager Context Menu

Hotkeys are also available:

  • Enter - opens the folder of currently selected job;
  • Del/Backspace - deletes currently selected jobs;
  • F5/Cmd+R - refreshes the list;
  • Escape - stops current rendering.

Once the job is rendered you can double click it in the list or select it and press Enter to open its folder. There will be result.png image there with the rendering results. Copy it to the safe place and then delete the job folder.

Owlet copies all the resources to the job folder, so you can place the jobs folder somewhere on server and render scenes using a different computer. Just make sure it has its own Owlet license. You can setup the job manager folder in Settings window by clicking File->Settings in main menu.