Using Gizmo

Gizmo helps you move, rotate or scale objects in Owlet. Although you can do this using node properties panel, it is much easier to use the gizmo instead. Here is the gizmo:

Gizmo in Owlet

These arrows (or other shapes in other modes) can be used for dragging, rotating and scaling objects in Owlet. Note that you can transform only nodes, not meshes that way. In order to transform the mesh, you need to extract it first using the scene tree context menu.

You can switch gizmo modes using Scene menu by clicking Select, Move, Rotate, Scale or Set camera target items, or by clicking the buttons at the left of the toolbar:

Gizmo buttons in Owlet toolbar

From left to right:

  • Selection mode - lets you select a shape by clicking it, the gizmo is displayed as three lines;
  • Moving mode - lets you move the shape along one or two axis, gizmo is displayed as three arrows;
  • Rotating mode - here you can rotate your object around any of the axis, displayed as three disks;
  • Scaling mode - allows you to scale the object along one or few axis, gizmo is displayed as lines with boxes;
  • Set camera taret mode - this one lets you move the camera center, so it points to a different location.

You can also switch gizmo modes by pressing 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 keys on your keyboard.