When you are happy with the shape in Origami, you may want to save it for further usage. Origami supports saving as an image or to 3D models.

Both features are in the toolbar, and also accessible through the File menu.

Saving Images

Click the File menu, then Save Image. Pick a name and click OK to save the image. Origami will display a Saving Options window where you can set image resolution and dpi settings, and make the background transparent. Origami will show you a preview of your changes. Click Save when you are done with the settings to finally save the image.

You can also copy the image to the clipboard using the toolbar button, or from the File menu. Origami will show the same options window, so you can adjust the image resolution.

Note that Origami doesn’t show some options if the saving format does not support them. For instance, you will not see the Transparent background option when saving to JPEG or copying to the clipboard, as neither support that feature.

Saving 3D Models

You might want to save the shape as a 3D model. Origami supports Collada, 3D PDF, U3D, OBJ and Boxshot model formats. Please note that only 3D PDF format is available in the demo version.

Click the File menu, then Save 3D Model. Provide a name for the export file and click “OK” to save the 3D model.

Saving Layouts

Origami can also save the current layout in its internal format. This may be useful if you want to send your die-line to us for analysis, but for some reasons you can’t send the original Illustrator file.