The Illustrator menu contains all the Illustrator-connection features you may need:

  • Refresh - reloads the die-line from the currently opened Illustrator document. You can also do this by pressing the Space key.
  • Make/Update Backside - syncs up the background artboard so Origami can use it. See below for more details.
  • Dieline Creator - allows you to pick a dieline from the list, configure it and create it in Illustrator.
  • Use whole artboard - when this option is enabled, Origami uses the whole artboard as a texture. Otherwise, just the part behind the dieline is used. This affects only the exported 3D scenes and in most cases should be turned off.
  • Install Extension - runs Adobe Extension Manager to install or update the Origami plugin for Illustrator.

Artwork processing

When you reload a 3D preview in Origami, the application asks the plugin to look for a visible Origami layer in the current Illustrator file. Once it finds the layer, the plugin parses its paths to find cuts and folds, and computes its bounds. After that the plugin gets the artwork from the other layers that have the same bounds and sends everything back to the Origami application for further processing.

The same happens when you render an image or save a 3D shape, but in these cases the plugin tries to get a high-resolution version of the artwork. If the Use whole artboard option is enabled, Origami uses the artboard bounds to get the artwork. If the document has several artboards, Origami uses the one that contains the Origami layer paths.

Backside processing

You can also provide backside artwork for your layout. To do this you need to make another artboard called “Origami Backside”. Then clone the “Origami” layer, name the copy “Origami Backside”, place it on the “Origami Backside” artboard and flip it horizontally, so it represents the back side of the dieline. This way Origami can find and use the backside artwork.

The good news is that the actions above can be done automatically by clicking Make/Update Backside. Do not edit the layout in the “Origami Backside” layer, as it will be re-created the next time you use the feature.