Manual Installation

In some rare cases Origami may fail to automatically install its plugin into Adobe Illustrator. First, make sure that you have an administrative access to your computer and that you allowed Origami to make changes to the system. If this still doesn’t help, you need to install the plugin manually.

Run Origami and click its “Illustrator” menu, then click “Install Extensions” like if you do the automatic installation. Then click the “Manual Installation” button at the bottom of the installer window. A folder will pop up with extensions and a “readme” file that contains installation instructions for a specific platform. Open that file with your text viewer and follow the instructions there.

Basically, all you need is to locate the “Plug-ins” folder of your Illustrator and copy a proper plugin file there. Make sure the plugin version matches the version of Illustrator, especially on Windows where you have 32 and 64-bit plugins.

Start Illustrator and see if Origami connects it. If that doesn’t help, it might be a good idea to switch to Origami and click its “Help” menu, then “Open system folder”. Locate the Origami and plugin log files in the opened folder and check if something useful is logged there. If that doesn’t help either, please contact us for help.