Edit Pivot Tool

Pivot point is the central point of the node which is used to scale or rotate the geometry of the node. Sometimes you may need to move that point to the center or to the bottom of the node for easier scene management. That’s what the Pivot Editor tool is for.

Let’s make a scene with a box and a sphere:

Koru scene with box and sphere

Both nodes have their pivot points at the bottom. If you need to rotate both shapes around their centers, you need to move their pivot points first. Click Tools -> Setup Pivot Parameters in the menu, or click the pivot editor button in the toolbar. A pivot editor window pops up:

Koru pivot editor window

As you may see, both pivot points were automatically moved to the centers of shapes. That’s the default behavior of the pivot editor tool. Here’s what you can configure:

  • Calculate pivot - lets you select the way pivot points are calculated (see below);
  • Including children nodes - defines if the children nodes need to be taken into account;
  • Pivot X/Y/Z Axis - decide the pivot position along each of the axis (see below).

There are several methods of calculating pivot point position. You choose one using the Calculate pivot combo box:

  • Individually for each node - Koru takes selected node one by one, computes their bounding box (optionally including their children nodes) and puts the pivot points individually according to that bounding box and the rules defined by Pivot X/Y/Z Axis controls. That’s the default behavior and can be seen on the screenshot above;
  • By all the selected nodes - almost the same as the previous one, but Koru computes a single bounding box for all the selected nodes and all the nodes get the same pivot point;
  • By the whole scene - the whole scene’s bounding box is used instead.

As for the pivot moving rules, there are 3 options: Minimum, Maximum and Center. By default all the options are set to “Center” and this moves the pivot into the very middle of the shape. If for instance, you need to put a pivot in the middle of the bottom of the shape, you need to put “Pivot Z” to “Minimum”, while keeping the other two at “Center”.