Scene Tree Panel

This panel displays the current scene tree. You can choose to hide or show meshes (geometries) using the bottom menu. The scene tree also displays materials assigned to meshes:

Koru scene tree panel

The nodes are displayed gray, while the meshes are white. Materials are at the right of the meshes and can be hidden using the View menu at the bottom. You can hide and show nodes by checking the boxes next to them.

You can also display a popup menu by right-clicking the node in the scene tree:

Koru scene tree popup menu

Here’s what you can do with the menu:

  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete - these are the standard operations that you can do with nodes;
  • Extract meshes - if you select some meshes and click that item, Koru will make a new node and put all the selected meshes there. This way you can re-group the scene;
  • Combine meshes - merges selected meshes into one, useful for converting muti-mesh glass objects to make them look solid and smooth;
  • Group selected - lets you group selected nodes into the new node added to the root of the scene;
  • Metadata editor - lets you edit metadata of the selected shape;
  • Expand Selected, Expand Selected And Children, Collapse Selected - these items let you control the scene tree itself.

You can also access some of these items using the Edit and Scene menu items in the main menu bar.