Node Properties Panel

Node properties panel displays the properties of the currently selected node. Here’s what it looks like for most of the nodes:

Node properties panel in Koru

These are the same translation, rotation and scale parameters that you edit using gizmo. Actually using gizmo is probably the best way to edit them, so the panel can be used just for fine tuning the parameters.

The panel displays the node name in its title, so you always know what node you are working with.

Rendering Priority

Sometimes you need to make sure that a particular node is rendered after all the other ones are rendered. This is useful for semi-transparent objects and labels, for instance.

By default, Koru first renders opaque objects, then sorts the translucent ones from the further to nearer and renders them in that order. You can change that by setting a higher rendering priority. The larger the priority, the later the node will be rendered.

Lightmap Parameters

These parameters lets you specify if you want the node to cast or receive shadows. Read more about lightmaps here.

Callout Properties

Callouts don’t have all the transformation parameters like other nodes in Koru, here’s what callout properties panel looks like:

Callout properties panel in Koru

Here is the list of callout options you can use:

  • Type - lets you switch between text-based and image-based callouts;
  • Text - here you enter the callout text (text-based callouts only);
  • Callout style - lets you select the callout style (text-based callouts only);
  • Image - lets you choose the callout image (image-based callouts only);
  • Offset - defines the screen offset (in pixels) between the callout itself and its target;
  • Scale - controls the scale of callout;
  • Visibility angle - controls the angle between the callout target surface and the camera, where the callout is still visible;

Then goes the transformation section where you can configure callout target position and define its rendering priority.

Decal properties

Decals have their own parameters in Node Properties panel:

Decal properties panel in Koru

See here for more details on decal parameters.

Image node properties

Image nodes (watermarks) also have their custom parameters explained here.