Materials Library Panel

Koru comes with a library of materials and images that you can use to speed up your scene setup. There is a panel called Materials Library that contains all the materials that come with Koru:

Koru materials library panel

There is a filtering box at the top of the panel and a drop-down control that helps you filter out materials by their types. Then comes the long list of materials grouped by type (metal, glass, plastic, paint and so on), there are also images there, like textures and HDR environment images.

How To Use The Materials Library

You simply pick the material you need and drag it onto the shape you need either in scene preview or in the scene tree. The material is assigned to the shape and automatically added to the scene materials list. You can also drag materials directly into the scene materials list and then assign them from there.

The same applies to the images from the library, but instead of dragging them onto shapes or into the scene materials list, you need to drag them onto the texture controls of either material or scene properties editors.

Adding Your Own Materials

You can add your own materials to the library by dragging them from the scene materials panel into the materials library panel. Koru puts your materials into the special folder and you can then use them in other scenes.

Note that Koru doesn’t save textures with your custom materials, instead it saves absolute paths to them. This means if you add a custom material to the library and then move or delete its artwork, you will not be able to use that material later.

You can browse the saved materials folder with Explorer of Finder by clicking File -> Open My Materials Library… item in the main menu.