Callout Styles Panel

Koru lets you create pre-defined styles that you can later use with callouts. Callout style contains all the information about the look and feel of callouts and you can easily make multiple callouts looks the same using styles.

The panel is called Callout Styles and looks like this:

Callout styles panel in Koru

All the styles are listed at the top, and the buttons under the list lets you make basic operations:

  • PLUS - creates a new callout style;
  • MINUS - deletes the currently selected callout style;
  • Clone - makes a copy of the currently selected callout style, so you don’t need to start from scratch;
  • Rename - renames the currently selected callout style.

You can export callout style for further usage by dragging the list item onto your desktop or into a folder on your computer. Later you can drag that file back into the callout styles list of another scene to re-use the style. You can also drag the style directly into another Koru scene opened in another tab.

Then goes the controls that you use to configure the currently selected callout style:

Text Parameters

This block controls the appearance of the callout text.

  • Color - lets you change the color of the callout text;
  • Alignment - controls how the text is aligned in callout;
  • Font - defines the font used for displaying callout. You don’t need that font when displaying the scene in HTML, Koru will bake everything in at export;
  • Font size - the size of the previously selected font to use in callouts;
  • Bold - lets you make the text bold;
  • Italic - lets you make the text italic;
  • Padding - controls the vertical and horizontal padding around the text in callout.


Here you control the callout background.

  • Color - lets you specify the color of the callout background;
  • Opacity - controls how transparent is the background.


This section lets you configure the border around the callout.

  • Radius - controls the radius of the border corners;
  • Color - lets you specify the color of the border line;
  • Width - lets you specify the width of the border line;
  • Leader line - shows or hides the leader line of the callout (it uses the same style, as the border).