Diffuse Layer Properties

Diffuse layers in Koru have two properties: color and opacity. You can load a texture into color slot, or just use the color:

Simple orange diffuse material in Koru

If you load a texture to Color slot, the image will be multiplied by the tint color:

Tinted orange texture in diffuse material in Koru

The screenshot above displays the default built-in “ipad-screen” texture loaded to Color slot and tinted with the orange color.


The Opacity control lets you make diffuse layer semi-transparent. The lower its value, the more you see through the layer. Let’s remove the texture from the color slot and set opacity to 90:

90% opaque material in Koru

Now let’s change it further to 30:

30% opaque material in Koru

As you see, the lower numbers you use, the more transparent becomes the layer.

This is the simplest transparency in Koru and it works fine for thin objects like paper, where you don’t need to simulate refraction.