Uninstalling Conical Label plugin

You uninstall the plugin exactly the same as you installed it — using the Conical Label application.

Before You Start

Make sure you quit all the copies of Adobe Illustrator before installing, updating or removing the plugin. Running Adobe Illustrator may prevent the installer from doing its job.

Uninstalling the Plugin

Run Conical Label application using the Start menu on Windows, or from the Applications folder on Mac and unselect the Illustrators that you don’t want to have the plugin installed. Then click Update Installation, grant the privileged rights to the installer application so it can do the job, then quit the installer.

Uninstalling Conical Label Software

Once the plugins are removed from Illustrators, you can uninstall the application itself. On Windows go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and remove the software there, on Mac simply drag the application icon into the bin.


If something goes wrong while removing the software, please feel free to contact us so we can help.