Installing Conical Label plugin

Conical Label plugin comes as a ZIP file for Windows and DMG file for Mac OSX. Once downloaded, open/extract the contents of the plugin, so you can see the “readme”, “eula” text files and a number of “Conical Label XXX” files or folders - the plugins for each supported version of Adobe Illustrator.

Locating the proper plugin

The downloaded file contains a separate plugin for each version of supported Adobe Illustrator. It is important to install the proper version of the plugin, as otherwise it will not work.

After extracting/opening the downloaded file you will see a number of folders named after the supported versions of Adobe Illustrator. They look like “Illustrator CC 2017”, “Illustrator CC 2018” and so on. Find the folder for the Illustrator you use and open it.

You will see a “readme” text file with the detailed installation instructions. Have a look there if the information here doesn’t help.

On Windows, you will also see a “Conical Label” folder there. You need to copy that folder into the Plug-ins subfolder of Adobe Illustrator. See below for more information on how to find it.

On Mac, you will see a “conical-label-xxx.aip” file, where “xxx” matches the version of Adobe Illustrator. You will need to copy that file into the Plug-ins subfolder of Adobe Illustrator. For your convenience we also placed a symbolic link to the default plugins catalog for the selected version of Illustrator. If it is inactive, you probably installed Illustrator to a different folder and will need to manually locate it.

Locating the destination folder

In order to install the plugin, you need to find the Adobe Illustrator installation folder. On Windows, it is usually something like “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC XXXX”. On Mac it is usually “/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CC XXXX”, where “XXXX” is the Illustrator version.

Use Explorer on Windows or Finder on Mac to navigate to Adobe Illustrator installation folder and locate the “Plug-ins” folder there. Open it. That’s the place there we’ll install the plugin.

Making sure Illustrator is not running

At this stage it is essential to make sure that no copies of Adobe Illustrator is running. Running in background, Illustrator may block access to the plugins and installation or update may fail.

Quit any copies of Adobe Illustrator you running before you continue.

Checking for previous version of the plugin

If the destination Plug-ins folder already contains “Conical Label” folder on Windows or “conical-label-xxx.aip” file on Mac, you need to delete it first, so only one version of the plugin is installed. Having two copies of the plugin in Illustrator may make it unstable.

Right click the old plugin and select Delete/Move To Trash depending on your operating system.

Installing the plugin

Now open both source and destination folders and copy the “Conical Label” folder on Windows or “conical-label-xxx.aip” file on Mac to the target folder.

On Mac you can simply drag and drop the aip-file to the symbolic link if it is active. Otherwise locate the destination folder as described above and copy the file there.

You may be asked for you password to modify the target folder, that is normal. Enter the password to make sure the plugin is copied.

Checking the results

Now run Illustrator and make sure no errors is displayed regarding the plugin. Then check that there is a Boxshot item in the Object menu of Illustrator, and that there is a Conical Label submenu there.

If something goes wrong, quit Illustrator and follow our deinstallation instructions to remove the plugin.