Installing Conical Label plugin

On both Windows and Mac platforms you first install Conical Label as an application, then run it and install the Illustrator plugin which then interacts with the application. The installation process is similar on both platforms.

Before You Start

Make sure you quit all the copies of Adobe Illustrator before installing, updating or removing the plugin. Running Adobe Illustrator may prevent the installer from doing its job.

Installing the Plugin

Here’s what you get when you run Conical Label application the first time:

Installing Conical Label plugin

The application displays all the Illustrator copies it found and you need to select the ones that you can install the plugin into. Select Illustrators by checking boxes at the right of their names. Then click Update Installation button to continue.

In order to install the plugin, the software needs to make changes in the system so at the next step you will be asked for your password to allow the changes. Please do so, as otherwise the plugin will not be installed.

The software simply makes symbolic links from the Plug–ins folder of the selected Illustrators into its own folder with the plugins. This helps to keep all the Conical Label plugin files at the same folder. The application needs administrative privileges in order to make that link.

Before installing the Conical Label plugin

Once the plugins are installed, you’ll see the confirmation window:

Conical Label plugin installed

Now you can quit the installer application and run Conical Label plugin from Adobe Illustrator using its Object->Boxshot->Conical Label menu.