Boxshot Support Page

As you are here, you probably have some questions about Boxshot or have problems with it. Let’s quickly sort it out with a few questions.

Is this about your order or license key?

If this is about your order, missing or non-working license key or any other private order-related information, please contact us directly, so we can help.

New to the software?

If this is the first time you use the software and not everything is clear, the best place to visit is our tutorials page. There are plenty of tutorials there (some even come with videos) so you fill yourself at home within 10-15 minutes.

Not new, but stuck somewhere?

If you are an experienced Boxshot user, but have problems with some aspects of the software like materials or complex shapes - the tutorials page is also worth visiting. See the Advanced section there that covers complex topics - many questions are already answered there.

Need more details about something?

If you have questions about a particular shape, material feature or about Boxshot automation - have a look at our online manual. It covers all the corners of the software and explains all its features and options.

Still doesn’t work?

Finally, if nothing above helps we’ve got a support forum that we monitor and answer questions there. The forum automatically suggests previous answers while you typing questions, so if we already answered that, there is chance you can get an instant answer. Otherwise, just leave your question there and we’ll be in touch.

Still want to talk to us?

Although you can still contact us directly with your question, please consider using this option for private order or money-related topics only.

All the other questions are better asked in the support forum. This way you get answers from both us, the community and the forum itself.