Step and Repeat Tool

This tool clones a shape or a group of shapes multiple times, so you can fill some space with the similar objects. To run the tool, pick its name from the Tools menu after selecting the shape that you need to clone.

Boxshot step and repeat tool user interface

The Repeats section allows you to configure how many clones you need. Boxshot clones the shape to the right, backwards and upwards. Each parameter defines how many clones you need in each direction.

The Steps section controls how far to move the clones. Zero value means the clone is located right near the original (no offset), positive values mean clones go further, negative values mean clones are overlapped.


You can do the same using JavaScript, the simple script is:

tools.stepAndRepeat(scene.selection, {});

It clones the selected shape with default settings. You can adjust the settings, if you like by providing them in the dictionary passed as a second parameter. Here is the list of properties:

  • repeatx
  • repeaty
  • repeatz
  • stepx
  • stepy
  • stepz

All the properties work exactly as in the user interface. Here is a more detailed sample:

var params = {
    repeatx: 4,
    repeaty: 1,
    repeatz: 2,
tools.stepAndRepeat(scene.selection, params);