Easy Lighting Tool

This tool helps you setup a light source and a shadow. Like it was in Box Shot 3D. To run the tool click the light bulb icon in the middle of the toolbar, or click “Easy lighting” in the “Tools” menu.

How it works

This tool doesn’t do anything that you can’t do yourself. First of all it hides all the existing light sources and adds its own, named “EasyLight”. Then the tool balances ambient lighting level and the light intensity and show a window which allows you to control light position and level with sliders.

If you run the tool again, it will find the light source and read its parameters to show appropriate slider values without re-creating the light.

User Interface

Here is the easy lighting window user interface. There are set of sliders and OK/Cancel buttons there.

Horizontal and vertical angles define the position of the light source (or the shadow size and direction). Contrast slider allows you to balance between ambient lighting and light intensity to make shadow brighter or darker. Finally the blur slider changes the light source radius, allowing you to blur the shadow.

You may see your changes in realtime in the main window, but please note that this is a preview and shadows may look not 100% perfect, as in production rendering.


Here’s how to do the same in JavaScript:

var params = {
    hangle : 110,
    vangle : 60,
    contrast: 0.3,
    blur: 0.2

All the parameters are similar to the ones in user interface, just note that contrast and blur should be in range 0..1, while the user interface shows them in percents.