Copy Materials Tool

Sometimes you may need to copy materials of one objects to others. For instance you may have a stack of books need to apply the same look to all of them. Copy Materials tool helps you to do this quickly.

All you need is to configure one object the way you need them all to look, then select it, right click and select Tools → Copy Materials from the menu.

Copy Materials tool window will pop up where you will have two lists: the list of materials of the currently selected objects and the list of possible target objects. Select items in both list and see materials are being copied immediately in background. Click OK when done or Cancel if something goes wrong.


Here’s how you can copy materials using Boxshot scripting:

var src = scene.selection[0]
var mtls = ["Front", "Back"];
var targets = [scene.selection[1], scene.selection[2]]
tools.copyMaterials(src, mtls, targets); 

The first parameter is the source node, then goes the array of material names to copy and finally comes the array of target nodes to apply the materials.