Alignment Tool

Boxshot lets you align a few objects, so they stay on the same line. In order to do so, select several objects you want to align, then right click one of them and select Tools → Align… or do the same in the main menu of Boxshot.

Alignment tool window will pop up where you can configure the following:

  • Align shapes to — lets you choose between alignment to selection, to scene or to a key object;
  • Key object — this one is enabled if you select Key Object above, let’s you choose a key object used for alignment;
  • Axis X, Axis Y, Axis Z — here you specify what to do along each axis, how to align the objects. You can choose from doing nothing, aligning minimums, centers and maximums.

Boxshot modifies the scene while you setting up the options, so you can see the effect in real time. Once you are happy with the results, simply click OK, otherwise you can always revert to the original state with Cancel button.


Here’s how you can align objects using Boxshot scripting:

var params = {
    alignment: 1,
    keyObject: 0,
    actionX: 1,
    actionY: 0,
    actionZ: 0,
tools.align(scene.selection, params); 

You pass indices in all the parameters, the indices must match the dropdown options you see in the tool window. For alignment these are:

  • 0 — align to selection;
  • 1 — align to key object;
  • 2 — align to scene.

For actions the options are:

  • 0 — leave as is;
  • 1 — align minimums;
  • 2 — align centers;
  • 3 — align maximums.

Key object index must be a valid index inside the objects list passed as the first parameter to the align() method.