The sharing panel allows you to easily upload your image to some sites for easy sharing with your friends, colleagues or customers. Please let us know if you’d like to add more hosting sites here.

1. Selecting service

At the first step you need to pick a service. Please note that some services may ask you to authorize yourself. Boxshot uses OAuth authorization method, which is secure enough and doesn’t show your password to the application itself. No worries here. Simply click the button to continue.

2. Your message

You can enter some text to appear with your image if you like. Click the “Upload image” button to start uploading.

3. Uploading

At this stage you will see the progress bar, as the uploading is in progress. You may also see the authorization request, Boxshot will open your browser, so you may authorize it to upload to your account. This requires entering a PIN number to the application. Just follow the text on the screen, that’s easy.

4. The link

Finally, you’ll see the link to your uploaded image. Click it to open in browser, use the “Copy” button to copy it to the clipboard. Then click “Done” to close the panel. It’s that easy.