Rendering settings

At this step you can configure the image resolution and quality of rendering. In Boxshot Ultimate you can also request to put the rendering in line and render it later, when the computer is not used.

Boxshot rendering settings window

Rendering Resolution

  • Width and Height — define the rendering resolution;
  • Resolution — controls the output image DPI;
  • Keep scene proportions — if checked, Boxshot will automatically update the opposite dimension when you change width or height. You can change the proportions at the camera panel.

Rendering Quality

  • Renderer — lets you select the rendering engine;
  • Draft quality — tells Boxshot if it needs to render a draft (fast, low-quality) or production (slow, high quality) image. Draft rendering is good for proofs, as it takes significantly less time, compared to the production one.

Job Parameters

In Boxshot Ultimate you can queue up any rendering and render it later, so the rendering doesn’t affect your work by loading up the CPU. This section contains the parameters for that:

  • Render job later — tell Boxshot that you don’t want to render the scene right now and want to queue it up instead;
  • Job name — lets you give the job a name. You can leave it empty, though;
  • Output format* — select the output image format to use when the job will be rendered.

You can see the rendering queue in the job manager window.


Just click the Start button to run the rendering process. Once the rendering is done, you can save the image.