When the rendering is done, the bottom panel shows some buttons that allow you to save your work or do some other options:

  • More — displays a popup menu with extra options (see below);
  • Render More — this button lets you render some extra passes if the image quality is not enough;
  • Save — allows you to save your rendering to disk. Boxshot supports many image formats, including the HDR ones.

The More button drops down a list with some additional actions that you may take. The list depends on the rendering mode and the edition of Boxshot. Here is the full list of supported actions:

  • Copy to Clipboard — this one speaks for itself. Please note that transparent background is usually not copied well on Windows. Save to PNG or TIFF instead;
  • Render in production quality — render the same scene in production quality. Useful when you are happy with the draft preview and need a quality image;
  • Render later in production quality — the same as above, but Boxshot creates a “render later” job instead of the immediate rendering.

When done, simply close the window.