When the rendering is done, the bottom panel shows some buttons that allow you to save or share your work and also see the rendering logs if necessary. The buttons are:

  • Log - toggles the log panel, click again to close the panel
  • Save - allows you to save your rendering in JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF format.
  • More - shows some advanced actions that you can take.
  • Share - toggles the sharing panel, so you can easily share your results with someone else.

The More button drops down a list with some additional actions that you may take. The list depends on the rendering mode and the edition of Boxshot. Here is the full list of supported actions:

  • Copy to Clipboard - this one speaks for itself. Please note that transparent background is usually not copied well. Save to PNG or TIFF instead.
  • Render at production quality - render the same scene at production quality. Useful when you are happy with the draft preview and need a quality image.
  • Render later at production - the same as above, but Boxshot creates a “render later” job instead of immediate rendering.

When done, simply close the window.