Job manager

When you queued a job in the rendering window or create an animation, Boxshot creates a job that can be rendered using the Job Manager window. You can find it in the middle of the toolbar or open using the Render menu.

Please note that this feature is available in the Ultimate edition of Boxshot only.

User interface

The Job Manager window has a top bar with some context-specific buttons, then goes a list of tasks and finally there is a log panel at the bottom.

You usually select some jobs in the list, then click the Render button, wait for results and use the Open button to get them.

Use the Delete button to delete the jobs that you no longer need, but note that deleting the job also deletes all the images, so make sure you made a copy first.

Job files location

By default Boxshot puts all the queued jobs into a hidden folder inside the user profile. This path depends on the operating system and version you use, so the easiest way to locate it is to create a job, then click the Open folder button to open an Explorer/Finder window with the folder.

You can define your own folder for queued jobs in the application settings window. Boxshot will fall back to the default folder if it can’t use the custom one.