Scene Properties Panel

The Scene Properties panel features a set of parameters affecting the scene. All of them are really useful and worth playing a bit with each of them to understand how they work.

  • Ambient level - defines the amount of ambient light in the scene. The scene is lighten by both ambient lighting and light sources. Together they define the light level, so if you want to make shadows brighter or darker, that’s the first parameter to change.
  • Skylight level - skylight is also called “ambient occlusion”, it creates realistic shadows at the corners and around the objects. You may turn it on or off and adjust the level of the effect. Please note that skylight uses the “Ambient level” slider to determine its range, so if you set ambient level to 0 you will not see skylight, as well.
  • Background image - defines the image to use for background
  • Background tint - defines the color to use for background. If the background image is loaded, it will be multiplied by this color.
  • Transparent background - this options helps to render on transparent back to put your own later in post-production.
  • Show floor - this mostly affects the shadow on the floor. Uncheck this option if you don’t need the shadow.
  • Diffuse floor lighting - check this if you need the floor lighting to depend on the angle of casted light.

Floor reflection parameters

This section controls the floor reflection:

  • Floor reflection - turns the floor reflection on and off.
  • Level - defines the start level of the floor reflection.
  • Decay - controls how fast the reflection dissolves.
  • Blur - allows you to blur the reflection.

Environment image options

Here you can configure environment image and parameters:

  • Environment image - the image used for reflections and refractions, instead of the real background
  • Intensity - defines the environment image level. The more, the brighter will be the reflections.
  • Gamma - controls the gamma level of the environment image;
  • Offset - the fields offset the environment image horizontally or vertically to better match the scene.