Scene Properties Panel

The Scene Properties panel features a set of parameters affecting the scene. All of them are really useful and worth playing a bit with each of them to understand how they work.

Background Parameters

  • Mode — lets you switch between solid color or image-based background, transparent background, and background based on environment image;
  • Image — lets you load the background image if the Mode parameter is set to Plain Background. You can also adjust the image tint here;

Floor Parameters

  • Show floor — shows or hides the floor, including all the shadows and reflections it may have;
  • Reflection — enables the floor reflection;
  • Level — controls the initial reflection level of the floor;
  • Decay — controls the level of decay of the reflection. This lets you have better reflection of the objects closer to the floor, effectively make the reflection “disappearing” in the floor;
  • Roughness – controls how smooth is the floor, and so how distorted is reflection.

Advanced Parameters

These parameters let you change the scene appearance at the price of breaking the physically correct rendering. Sometimes it is worth it.

  • Diffuse reflection — tells Boxshot to keep tracing rays even if they are reflected of the diffuse surface. This slows the rendering down, but lets diffuse surfaces to light each other. Enabled by default;
  • Diffuse intensity — default diffuse color in Boxshot is white, which means such a material reflects 100% of the ray it gets. In real world most materials (even if they are white) don’t reflect that much. This parameter lets you adjust the reflection level of diffuse materials. The default value is 80%;
  • Floor shadow level — lets you make the floor shadow lighter or darker. Default value is 100%;
  • Floor shadow spread — lets you control the size of the floor shadow. Default value is 100%;
  • Floor diffuse level — controls the reflectivity of the floor for traced rays. Higher values may make the objects a little bit too bright at the bottom. Default value is 50%.