Lighting Panel

Boxshot has two main lighting options: environment and direct (sun) lighting. The lighting panel lets you configure both of them.


  • Enable sunlight — enables direct (sun) lighting;
  • Height — specify the vertical angle (height) of the sun, affecting the “length” of the shadow;
  • Rotation — specify the horizontal angle of the sun, affecting the shadow direction;
  • Intensity — controls the light source intensity;
  • Angular size (blur) — defines the size of the light source, effectively blurring the shadow;
  • Color — controls the color of the light source. Use light yellow/orange or light blue tints to simulate warm or cold lighting.


  • Image — controls the HDR environment image used for lighting and reflections;
  • Intensity — lets you adjust the brightness of the environment image;
  • Horizontal/Vertical offset — let you rotate the environment image around the scene. This usually helps to provide better lighting or reflections for a specific camera angle and object position.

Read more about lighting in this tutorial.