Camera Panel

The Camera Panel allows you to adjust all the camera parameters in the scene. Please note that camera movements cannot be undone, so if you’d like to save some specific position, consider using snapshots instead.

Boxshot uses turntable camera mode, this means that there is a center point and the camera is turned around it left/right and up/down. You can’t roll the camera, though. The central point can be moved, the distance between the point and the camera is also adjustable.

  • FOV — defines the camera’s field of view angle;
  • Aspect — defines the camera’s aspect: width divided by height. 4:3, 16:9 etc. This affects the production rendering image aspect. Boxshot masks the invisible areas on the draft preview by making them darker;
  • Distance — the distance between the central point and the camera. Can be also changed using the mouse wheel;
  • Angles — the angles of rotation of the camera. Yaw defines horizontal rotation (left or right), Pitch defines vertical (up or down);
  • Target position — defines the position of the central point. You can drag it by clicking the button in the toolbar that shows the central point’s gizmo. You can also offset the central point by dragging your mouse while holding the Space key.

Depth of field settings are grouped in a separate section:

  • Depth of field — turns the effect on or off;
  • Focal distance — the distance to focus on. All the shapes at that distance will be rendered as sharp as possible;
  • Aperture size — controls the level of the effect. The more the aperture size, the smaller is the “sharp” focal distance.