USB Flash Drive

Boxshot comes with 15 different types of USB flash drives that you can configure and apply your branding. Some of the shapes can be additionally customizable by hiding parts or moving, rotating caps or covers. The available customization depends on the selected shape. Here’s the full list of what you can customize:

  • Type - this selector lets you choose a flash drive model, just scroll through them to see what is offered;
  • Show base - lets you show or hide the flash drive itself (enabled only if there is a separate cap in that shape). This lets you place flash drive and its cap separately;
  • Show cap - shows or hides the cap (if available), showing the USB socket;
  • Show ring - some of the dongles have a tiny metallic ring, this option lets you hide or show it;
  • Phase - if shape has animation (opening or shifting) this control lets you set the position of the animation;

Applying Artwork

Each USB dongle has one or two areas for a logotype or any other branding. They are marked with stripes and there is a text with proper image dimensions required. Boxshot does not resize these shapes automatically, so you have to follow the recommended proportions. So the workflow is:

  • Add a “USB Flash” shape to the scene;
  • Select the type you need using Type combo;
  • See the artwork dimensions written on the shape;
  • Make/resize your artwork to that dimension;
  • Apply the artwork to the shape.

This way you can make sure the artwork looks perfect.

Boxshot supports semi-transparent branding images, so it is not necessary to fill background with a color if your logo is not of the same proportions as required.

Close-up Rendering

As the dongles are quite small, compared to other Boxshot objects, it may not be enough just to zoom the camera to the dongle - it may still be too small in the viewport. There are two possible solutions:

  • To scale the shape up using gizmo;
  • To change the camera field of view (FOV) to a smaller angle in the camera panel at the left.

The second method is probably better, as it doesn’t change the real size of the shape in the scene, so you can render it next to the other objects.

Other Tricks

You may want to render a cap next to the USB flash drive, not on it. Most of the USB dongle shapes with caps have animations that let you take the cap off, but sometimes this is just not enough. The solution is to use Show base and Show cap options. You need to setup the shape, then duplicate it (using Copy and Paste) and move the copy away from the original shape. Then you hide the cap of the original shape and hide the body of the copied one. Now you have a completely separate cap shape that you can place where you want.


Here’s how to create a USB Flash Drive shape using Boxshot scripting:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("usb", "generator.Devices.USB");
var g = m.generator;

g.deviceType = "screw"; // use: twister, key, mini, wooden, waterproof, slider, screw, classic, ellipse, minitwister, halo, capsule, clip, rotator, card
g.phase = 0.2;
g.showBase = true;
g.showCap = false;
g.showRing = false;