Torus Knot

Torus Knot shape is a complex shape that is useful for testing materials. We’d recommend trying it in the GUI-mode first, before scripting. It adds some new properties, compared to simple torus:

  • Size - the main radius of the torus, defines its size
  • Amplitude - the secondary radius of the torus, defines the amplitude
  • Thickness - the third radius of the torus, defines the thickness
  • Turns #1, Turns #2 - defines the number of turns of the knot
  • Segments - the number of segments along the torus. Set to 3 to get a triangle.
  • Sides - the number of segments across the torus, defines the shape of crossection.

Basically, the larger numbers you use for Segments and Sides, the smoother shape you get.


Here is a sample script that creates a torus knot object:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("torus", "generator.simple.TorusKnot");
var g = m.generator;
g.size = 10;
g.amplitude = 5;
g.thickness = 3;
g.turns1 = 2;
g.turns2 = 3;
g.segments = 256;
g.sides = 32;