Plastic Bucket

Boxshot comes with three types of plastic buckets, all are more or less of the same properties. Each bucket has a lid and handle that can be hidden. Each bucket also has two labels: one on the side and another on the lid. That’s what you can configure for the bucket shape:

  • Type - a dropdown control, that lets you select the type (appearance) of the bucket;
  • Height - the height of the bucket itself without lid;
  • Top Size - the top diameter of the bucket;
  • Bottom Size - the bottom diameter of the bucket, it can’t be more than the top one or less than 75% of the top one;
  • Fit to images - pressing this will fit your bucket to the sizes of both its labels.

Next comes the Label section that controls the side label:

  • Show Label - tells Boxshot to show or hide the label itself;
  • Label Height - controls the height of the label, it can’t exceed the height of the bucket.

Then goes the Lid section that lets you change the parameters of bucket’s lid:

  • Show Lid - controls the visibility of the lid;
  • Show Lid Label - lets you keep the lid visible, but hide its label;
  • Lid Label Size - controls the label diameter;
  • Lid Label Angle - lets you rotate the lid label around its center.

Finally there is a Handle section that controls the bucket’s handle:

  • Show Handle - shows or hides the handle;
  • Angle - lets you rotate the handle to move it up to down.

Boxshot has some limitations for the bucket shape, like bottom diameter needs to be between 75% and 100% of the top one. If some parameters don’t satisfy Boxshot needs, it ignores them and use the closest one that are not wrong. So if you change the label size or bucket height, but the bucket stays the same, it probably means that the parameter is out of the acceptable range.


Here’s how to create a plastic bucket using Boxshot scripting:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("bucket", "generator.pos.Bucket");
var g = m.generator;

g.bucketType = "bucket-1"; // use bucket-1, bucket-2 or bucket-3

g.height = 25;
g.topSize = 20;
g.bottomSize = 17;

g.showLabel = true;
g.labelHeight = 10;

g.showLid = true;
g.showLidLabel = true;
g.lidLabelSize = 5;
g.lidLabelAngle = 30;

g.showHandle = true;
g.handleAngle = 90;