Pharma Blister Pack

This is a highly-comfigurable pharma blister shape. You can control the number of pills, their shape and angle, size, gaps and much more.

Boxshot provides 3 blocks of parameters you can configure:

  • Pills - here you can configure the type of pills, their number and randomization parameters;
  • Size and gaps - allows you to control the pill size, gaps between pills and the corner radius of the blister (note that the radius cannot exceed the half of the smallest gap);
  • Other - here you can bend the blister and tile the images.


Here’s how to create a 3d pharma pills shape using scripting:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("blister pack", "generator.pharma.Pills");
var g = m.generator;

g.pillType = "Capsule 35"; // use the same names, as in the user interface
g.rows = 2;
g.columns = 3;
g.randomize = true;
g.seed = 123;

g.pillSize = 1.2; = 2.2;
g.rowGap = 2.1;
g.cornerRadius = 0.2;

g.tileFront = true;
g.tileBack = false;
g.bend1 = -1;
g.bend2 = 0.5;