Conical Label

Boxshot lets you make 3D conical labels and automatically map distorted artwork to look nice in 3D. All you need is to setup basic size parameters and match an interactive grid to the artwork, so Boxshot knows all the details to display the label.

Read more about matching conical label artwork in our Conical Labels Tutorial.

Besides that you can specify the following parameters of conical label:

  • Width - the width of the applied label in its middle part (or the total width of the undistorted label);
  • Height - the height of the label before distortion, or its height when applied;
  • Top diameter - the top diameter of the conical label;
  • Bottom diameter - the bottom diameter of the conical label;
  • Offset X, Offset Y - the offsets of the artwork in the loaded image;
  • Segments - defines the level of triangulation of the label.


Here’s how to make a conical label using Boxshot scripting:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("label", "generator.pos.ConicalLabel");
var g = m.generator;
g.width = 20;
g.height = 10;
g.topDiameter = 10;
g.bottomDiameter = 9;
g.segments = 64;
g.offsetX = 0;
g.offsetY = 0;