Straight Label

Label shape lets you wrap a flat image around a cylindric surface. It works with lathe, tea mug, pharma bottle shapes and any other of that kind.

Here’s what you can control for label:

  • Width, Height - the dimensions of the label itself;
  • Diameter - the diameter of the surface you will apply the label to. You can get this from the other object’s parameters;
  • Scale - lets you scale width and height of the label without affecting the diameter. Helps to zoom the label on the surface to better match the size;
  • Segments - controls the detalisation of the label to make sure it looks smooth enough.


You may need to set a slightly bigger label diameter for shapes like tea mug, as they don’t strictly follow their diameter property.

It might help to make the label a child object of the main one, to keep them together when moving around the scene. You can do this in the scene tree.

Labels may be semi-transparent, just make sure you setup a proper reflection mask to cut the unnecessary reflections. You may also want to configure the back side of the label to match the front one. Read more about semi-transparent labels here.


Here is a sample script that creates a label shape:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("label", "generator.pos.Label");
var g = m.generator;
g.width = 20;
g.height = 10;
g.diameter = 10;
g.segments = 64;
g.scale = 1;