Image shape can be customized in various ways, here is the list of parameters you may change:

  • Width - the width of the image
  • Height - the height of the image
  • Thickness - the thickness of the image, please use small values.
  • Corner - the amount of the image corners to be rounded in percents
  • Border - the amount of the image surface to be replaced with border. This shrinks the image, keeping its proportions.
  • Bend - defines how to bend the image. 0 means no bending, negative and positive values bend to front or back side.

You may use the “Fit to images” button to adjust the shape automatically.


Here is a sample script that creates an image object:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("image", "generator.Images.Image");
var g = m.generator;
g.width = 10;
g.length = 5;
g.thickness = 0.03;
g.corner = 0.02;
g.border = 0;
g.bend = 0.5;
g.material("Image").diffuseTexture = "/path/to/image.png";