Extruded Object

Boxshot lets you load a 2D curve in SVG format and extrude it to a 3D object by adding thickness and optional bevel. You can assign different materials to its front, back and side parts. Extrude is pretty much like 3D text, but instead of text you specify your own curve.

Most of the editing is done in 2D curve editor, here is what you can edit directly in the right panel of extrude shape:

  • Thickness - controls the thickness of extruded object;
  • Curve smoothness - lets you set the level of detalization of your curve before triangulation;
  • Look up - when checked, extruded object lies on the floor, otherwise the object stands.

The Bevel section below lets you configure the edges of extruded object:

  • Size - controls the size of the bevel;
  • Steps - lets you specify the number of steps in the bevel. The more steps you use, the smoother is the bevel;
  • Smooth - tells Boxshot what to do with bevel faces: should their edges be hard or smooth.


Here’s how you can create and setup extruded object using Boxshot scripting:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("extruded", "generator.extrude");
var g = m.generator;
g.thickness = 3; // 3cm deep
g.smoothness = 0.5; // 50%
g.upz = true; // 'true' for look up, 'false' for look front
g.bevelSize = 0.2; // cm
g.bevelSteps = 0;
g.bevelSmooth = false;