External Files

Boxshot allows you to load external 3D files to a scene. Current version supports FBX, 3DS and Collada formats, more will be added soon.

To load a file, simply drag and drop it to the main window. Alternatively, you may add the “External File” shape first, then go to its properties and load a file using the file picker control.

If the external shape looks transparent from some points, you probably need to check the “Generate back faces” box to duplicate file’s geometry and fix the issue.

If the file contains animation, you can select a frame using the animation slider.


You can load an external file using script:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("my external file", "generator.external.model");
var g = m.generator;
g.fileName = "/path/to/file.3ds";
g.animation = 10; // seconds
g.generateBackfaces = true;