Boxshot has some built-in device shapes: iPad (the new one), iPhone 4/5 and Display. Not highly customizable yet still useful. The only option you can change is to show or hide the cellular block of the iPad. All the other properties are pre-defined.


Here’s how to create and customize the iPad shape:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("iPad", "generator.Devices.iPad");
var g = m.generator;
g.cellular = true;

iPhone4, iPhone5 and Monitor shapes can be created this way:

var m1 = scene.root.addMesh("iPhone 4", "generator.Devices.iPhone4");
var m2 = scene.root.addMesh("iPhone 5", "generator.Devices.iPhone5");
var m3 = scene.root.addMesh("Monitor", "generator.Devices.Monitor");