Boxshot supports Comb, Wire, Coil and Angle-D binder shapes. The shapes are pretty much similar when it comes to settings:

  • Cover angle — controls how much is the binder opened
  • Width — controls the width of the binder
  • Height — controls the height of the binder

Comb, wire and coil binders also have Thickness parameter that controls the thickness of the shape.

Use the “Fit to images” button to automatically adjust the shape according to the images you load.


Here’s how to create binders:

var m = scene.root.addMesh("angle-d", "generator.Binders.AngleD");
var g = m.generator;
g.width = 10;
g.height = 5;
g.coverAngle = 10;

Other binders are created this way (all the other parameters are the same):

var m1 = scene.root.addMesh("comb", "generator.Binders.Comb");
var m2 = scene.root.addMesh("wire", "generator.Binders.Wire");
var m3 = scene.root.addMesh("coil", "generator.Binders.Coil");

m1.generator.thickness = 5;