Batch Rendering

Batch rendering is useful when you need to render the same object with different images: say, a series of books. You make a scene, render it, then replace the image and render it again and so on. Boxshot Ultimate can automate this using the Batch Rendering feature.

Click the Render menu, then Batch rendering… to start.

Object selection

Selecting side for batch rendering in Boxshot

Here you select an object that you are going to change and its side that will be used to put the images. Click an object in the left list, then click a side at the right and finally click the Next button.

Images selection

Loading images for batch rendering in Boxshot

Here you make a list of images for a batch rendering. Use drag and drop or click the + button to add images to the list.

Use the options at the right to configure the batch process, then click the Next button to continue.

Rendering options

Batch rendering resolution settings in Boxshot

Finally, you configure the rendering parameters for your animation and click the Enqueue button to create a “render later” job with your animation.