Barcode Editing Screen

Barcode Screen opens up every time you select some barcode type on the Start Screen. This is the main editing dialog of Barcode app. It’s layout is pretty simple: the left part of the window represents a preview of the barcode, and the right part shows your editing tools.

The top part of the window is a toolbar. It allows you, from left to right: to go back onto the Start Screen; to save the barcode image; to adjust Content, Appearance, Custom Texts, and Marks and Bleeds of the barcode.

Properties of a barcode are adjusted using the toolbar tabs. Note that Barcode automatically saves adjustments you make to barcodes, so going back to the Start Screen (or even closing the app) doesn’t mean you lose something. You can continue editing the barcode from the moment you quited to the Start Screen.

The preview window at the left displays how the barcode looks like. The label below the preview window shows the physical (print) size of the barcode. You can change units by clicking the label. The preview is also a simple way to drag the barcode EPS data directly to another application.

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