Batch Barcode Generation

Barcode Software lets you generate barcodes in batches by providing a list of data to encode. To start the batch mode select the symbology you need and setup it the way you want. Then click the “Batch” button at the top right part of the working area:

Batch barcode generation with Barcode software

The batch generation wizard window will pop up:

Entering barcode data for batch generation

At the first step you can enter the barcodes, one per line. Addons can be entered with a semicolon this way:


The checkbox at the bottom switches between “one barcode per file” and “multiple barcodes in the same file” processing modes.

One Barcode Per File Mode

If you check the “Export each barcode to a separate file” box and then click “Next”, you will see the parameters panel:

One barcode per file properties

In “one barcode per file” mode Barcode Software needs you to point out the folder where to export files. You also need to specify the file saving format (PNG, TIFF, EPS or PDF). Barcode Software will generate a single file of selected type for each barcode you entered at the first step.

Once configured, you can click the “Next” button and get your barcodes generated in a couple of seconds. Barcode Software will automatically verify and try to fix your data, if it discovers any issues.

Multiple Barcodes in a Single File

If you leave the “Export each barcode to a separate file” box unchecked and click “Next” at the first step, you’ll see a more complex parameters panel:

Multiple barcodes per file properties

In this mode Barcode Software exports to PDF file and you can configure the parameters at the right. From top to bottom, here is the list of options:

  • Output file - the name of PDF file where barcodes exported;
  • Browse - a button that lets you choose the output file in a more convenient way;
  • Presets - lets you quickly select a standard paper size;
  • Width, Height - allow you to fine-tune the selected preset or define your own custom paper size;
  • Switch Orientation - lets you switch between the portrait and landscape paper orientation;
  • Columns, Rows - define the grid used for barcodes output;
  • Left, Top - control padding from the top left corner of the page;
  • Vertical Gap, Horizontal Gap - control the space between rows and columns;
  • Copies - lets you specify the number of copies of each barcode from the step one;
  • Group copies together - when checked, Barcode will first place all the copies of the first line, then all the copies of the second, and so on. When not checked, Barcode will interleave barcodes.

You can see a draft preview of the output page with barcodes at the left. Edit parameters and see how they work in the preview. Barcode Software fills the grid from the left to right and frop top to bottom, while there are barcodes in the input list. If you specify more than one copy, Barcode Software will generate as many copies of each barcode, as specified.

By using the copies and grouping options, you can fill up an entire page with the same barcode, if you simply need many similar labels. Or you can create more complex outputs by configuring these parameters.


You can do the same using command line parameters, see here for more details.