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QR Codes Tips and Tricks

There are “special” types of QR codes that tell the QR code scanner to do a specific thing, like to make a call, send an email or connect to a Wi-Fi network. Below are some hints about making such codes by using a properly formatted content.

URL QR Code Format

To make a QR code that acts as a hyperlink, simply put the whole hyperlink as a text into the QR code:

Mobile Phone QR Code Format

To make a QR code with a phone number, add tel: prefix to the phone number and use it as a QR code text:


Some QR code readers even recognize phone numbers without the prefix, so give it a try too.

Text Message (SMS) QR Code Format

To start a text message to a given mobile number, use the sms: prefix and the phone number:


You can also provide a message text by using smsto: prefix this way:

smsto:+0123456789:Hello there

Try copying this text to the input field above and scan the code.

Email QR Code Format

To make a QR code with email address, you can simply put the email as text into the QR code generator, however using the mailto: prefix you can also provide some other options, like subject line and body: Code With Email&body=Hello from the website

See the standard mailto scheme for more information. Note, that it is recommended to percent encode the symbols like spaces and ampersands in order to guarantee a correct processing of the mailto string.

Wi-Fi Access Point QR Code Format

To make a QR code for Wi–Fi access point, you need to get your Wi–Fi network name and password ready and put the following text into the QR code:


Where network is your network name and password is the password to access that network. Note that you need to keep all the colons, semicolons and other letters as is in order to get the working QR code. You might also need to pre–process your network name and password if they contain special characters like commas, semicolons and so on.

If unsure, consider using special barcode generation software to make Wi–Fi QR codes.

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Barcode Software

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