Moving Objects in Owlet

Let’s start with making a new scene and adding a plane. If you have no idea how to do this, please have a look here. You should get something like that:

Now add a sphere to that plane, then add two more spheres the same way:

Do not be surprised that you’ve added three spheres, but see just a single one. The reason is that Owlet adds spheres to the same location, so they hide each other and you see just one of them. Activate the Scene Tree tab to see all the objects in the scene. There must be four of them: a plane and three spheres.

Let’s Move Them

So let’s make a snowman. Click the sphere in preview or in the scene tree and make sure you activated the moving tool (crossed arrows at the top left corner of the window):

Then drag the sphere you selected up by dragging the blue arrow. You may want to move the camera away from the scene (zoom out) with your mouse wheel to make a better view of the scene. You’ll end up with something like this:

Now select another sphere at the bottom by clicking it in preview or using the scene tree and move it even higher to make a snowman:

Now let’s move camera a bit to see the scene better. Hold your right mouse button and drag the scene to move the camera. Move it, rotate and zoom to make the objects visible better. Or click the “Fit to view” icon in the toolbar and Owlet will do this for you:

Let’s Scale Them

OK, the spheres are stacked, but they still don’t look like a snowman. The reason is that all of them are of the same size, so we need to scale them down a bit. That’s pretty easy, you just need to select the scaling tool at the top left corner of the window and then drag the very middle of the sphere gizmo to scale it:

You can do the same by entering values manually. It is not the thing that you will need often, but sometimes it really helps. Select the middle sphere by clicking it, then click the Node Properties tab at the right to activate that panel:

You’ll see the node properties: its position, rotation and scale parameters. When you moved the sphere up, its Position Z parameter updated. If you change it now, the shape will move up or down, depending on the value you entered. Howerver, we’ll change the scale values instead. They all are “1” by default, which means 100%. Let’s make them 70% by changing all three values to 0.7:

That’s much better, right? The sphere got smaller and the whole shape is much closer to a snowman now.

One More Thing

The last thing to do is to move the head back onto the body. Select the top sphere, activate the movement tool and drag the sphere down a bit to match the middle one:

Great, so we’ve just made a snowman from scratch. Good for us!

All Done

You have learned how to move and scale objects in Owlet. You can also rotate them absolutely the same way. This really helps if you need to modify the scene a bit, just to get a better rendering.

Now let’s do something cool with our snowman :)