Triangulation Failed

Once Origami traced out all the paths in the dieline, but before it starts folding the shape, it converts the paths into the 3D mesh of flat, unfolded dieline.

Origami uses quite a smart algorithm to do so and in most cases everything works just fine. However, there is a chance that something goes wrong and Origami will not be able to convert paths to a 3D mesh. That’s when you get the “triangulation failed” error.

A Possible Reason

Once of the possible scenarios looks like this:

Triangulation failed error in Origami - a possible reason

This is a folding engine problem which is yet to be fixed, and you can get a better understanding if you zoom it closer:

Triangulation failed error in Origami - a possible reason zoomed up

The red line is an edge generated while triangulating the dieline polygons. Instead of stopping at the crease line it goes further down to the curved cut below. The problem is caused by converting the curves into segmented lines performed by Origami. Origami converts curves to lines and then tries to merge the points that are way too close to each other. The curved cut makes many points and Origami moves some of them closer to avoid small gaps. This ends up with misaligned elements and triangulation errors.

We are yet to fix the problem, meanwhile the solution is to make sure the curved cut goes away from the crease line as soon as possible, so you can do something like this:

Triangulation failed error in Origami - the solution

for all the locations highlighted by Origami. This usually happens to very small elements, where the exact shape of the curve doesn’t really matter. This should do the job until we fix the problem on our side.

If The Above Doesn’t Help

Please contact us directly. As said above, this is most likely the problem of the folding engine and we’d like to see the dieline that caused it. Please share your Illustrator project or saved Origami scene, so we can reproduce it here and suggest the further steps.

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