Overlapping Lines

Sometimes dielines have problems even if they look OK. There could be more than one line at the same place — these lines are called overlapping lines. Here is a simple and obvious example:

Overlapping cut lines in Adobe Illustrator

The second line (made thick to be visible) overlaps the main rectangle. Origami traverses lines to build closed paths and then convert them to 3D meshes and such overlapping lines may affect the traversing algorithm and cause errors which are difficult to identify.

Usually, the overlapping lines are not that obvious. Here is another example:

Another overlapping cuts in Adobe Illustrator

What to do?

There must be no overlapping lines in dielines. Neither cuts, not creases. Partial overlapping is not allowed, as well.

Once the overlapping is located, fix it by removing the extra path segments or re-aligning the vertices, so no lines are overlapping.

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