Invalid Crease Line

Origami requires crease lines to match these rules:

You get the “Invalid crease line” error when your design breaks one of the rules above.

Crease lines must be straight

Origami doesn’t support curved crease lines, so you may get this error for a dieline like this:

Make sure your crease lines are absolutely straight and that all their anchor points are converted to corners.

Ends of crease lines must lie on cut lines

Here is an example of an incorrect crease line. As you can see, the ends of the crease line are not on the cut lines, so Origami can’t figure out how to fold the shape:

Here is a more realistic example. Note that the right end of the crease line is not perfectly aligned to the cut line.

Origami tries to detect and fix such issues automatically, but sometimes you need to help it.

Note that it is OK to have several crease line segments making a single straight line. As long as the combined line is straight and its ends are on the cut lines, Origami will handle this correctly.

No overlapping

Here’s what overlapping crease lines look like:

Overlaps are usually small and not that visible, but as Origami highlights the problem line, you can easily find where the problem is.

What to do?

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