Path Is Not Closed

Origami needs a closed, continuous path around all the die-drawing graphics in its layer. It must be a cut line without any gaps. Origami uses this path to make a shape outline before it starts making holes and folding the shape.

What to check?

You have something like this somewhere in your die drawing:

Unclosed path example

You may not have such an obvious issue, but somewhere there is a gap in your outline path so the line is not continuous. Origami will mark the problem place with a small red cross, so look closer wherever you see that mark to identify and fix any gaps or overlaps. If you don’t see the issue immediately, check all the neighboring segments to find the problems.

Other reasons

The other reason you may get this error is if you have overlapping segments somewhere in your path. Overlaps are harder to find than gaps. Here is an example:

Overlapping path example

Looks good, but it actually isn’t:

Misaligned path example

This overlapping issue may happen to the inner path, as well:

Inner path overlapping

What to do?

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