Crease Line is Almost Vertical or Horizontal

This means pretty much what it says: a crease line looks perfectly vertical or horizontal, but it actually is not. If the line is horizontal, it has some vertical offset. Same for vertical lines, but the offset it horizontal.

Why This Is A Problem?

Most of the dielines have straight angles and parallel walls.

If a panel of a dieline has straight angles this means that its opposite sides have the same length. This also means that sibling dieline elements will match each other when folded up.

However, if the opposite sides have slightly different lengths or the angles are almost straight, they will not match when folded up.

Sometimes you can get away with this, but in other cases this leads to “Impossible shape” errors and failed shapes.

What To Do?

Select the dieline highlighted by Origami in your vector editor. Make sure the single line segment is selected and check its dimensions. For a perfectly vertical or horizontal line one of the dimensions must be zero. In your case one of the dimensions will be almost zero, but not exactly zero. If you still see a zero there, try changing the measurement units to points to get the best possible precision.

Once you see the problem, you need to adjust the crease line, so it has zero width or height depending on its main direction. This might affect the connected elements, so you need to check and adjust them, as well.

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