Creating a New Dieline

Origami shows hints at the bottom of the window about possible issues. When you run Origami for the first time after connecting to Adobe Illustrator, or if you have just started Illustrator, you will probably see this:

The hint says that Illustrator currently has no opened documents, so let’s create a new one there. After you have created a new document, click the reload button (the left most one at the toolbar) to update Origami.

The hint has updated and now tells you that there is no “Origami” layer in the document you created. Origami reads the dieline details from a special layer called “Origami” that you need to create in any Illustrator document you are going to use with Origami.

Switch to Illustrator and create a layer named “Origami”, then return to Origami and click the “reload” again:

Great: Origami has found its layer. But since the layer is empty, Origami tells you there is no die drawing there.

Switch to Illustrator and draw a simple solid-line rectangle in the Origami layer. Then return to Origami and click the “reload” button:

If everything has gone right, you will see the rectangle you created in the 3D preview in Origami - your very first Origami dieline!

What’s Next?

You are now ready to create dielines and fold them in Origami - we will review this in the next tutorial.

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